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Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s Trusted Adviser, Urges Ban on Cryptocurrencies Following China’s Lead

Warren Buffett’s right-hand man, Charlie Munger, has recently made headlines for his strong stance against cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview, Munger said that he believes cryptocurrencies are “rat poison” and that the world should follow China’s lead and ban them altogether.

Munger’s comments come as no surprise, as he has long been a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies. He has previously called them “noxious” and “totally asinine” and has said that they are “worthless artificial gold.”

Munger’s comments are particularly noteworthy because of his close relationship with Warren Buffett. Buffett is one of the world’s most successful investors and his views on cryptocurrencies have been largely unknown. However, Munger’s comments suggest that Buffett may share his views on the matter.

Munger’s comments also come at a time when the cryptocurrency market is facing increased scrutiny from governments and regulators around the world. China has already taken steps to ban cryptocurrencies and other countries are considering similar measures.

It remains to be seen whether Munger’s comments will have any impact on the cryptocurrency market. However, it is clear that he is not a fan of the technology and believes that it should be banned. Whether or not his views will be shared by other investors and governments remains to be seen.

43 thoughts on “Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s Trusted Adviser, Urges Ban on Cryptocurrencies Following China’s Lead”

  1. So what we’re seeing here is an old guy with no clue what he’s talking about, banking something because he believes in something else.

    Think someone else said it “old man shaking a stick at the sky”

    Ye young whippersnappers

  2. Ok boomer. The Dino is yelling again at something he clearly doesn’t understand!

    Instead of hating so much on crypto, he should focus on enjoying life. Not everybody will be 99 years old.

  3. Aren’t crypto entities flocking to Hong Kong as that will be a major crypto hub?

    China bans crypto and accumulates at the same time. China is one of the biggest bitcoin whales

  4. He’s a businessman. Occasionally businessmen do stuff that’s not always the nice course of action because that’s business. No one’s perfect.

    BRK is essentially an insurer and PE firm. He’s invested in monopolies because they pay out consistent rates of returns and are great for his type of business.

    He’s invested in a lot of people who are assholes and saved them from getting reamed a few times. Most specifically, large Wall Street investment banks. By doing this, he’s made a lot of money.

    He calls for higher tax rates but has structured his investments to be very tax advantaged. Also it’s really more of a PR thing to call for higher tax rates when you’re one of the wealthiest people in the world and it wouldn’t have any real effect on you.

    He simply is big fan of banks and scared as shit because BTC gaining more confidence than banks.


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