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chilly pockets (paper)

What’s the greatest choice to withdraw BTC, Dodge, BNB, Shiba Inu, MANA, Ripple and The Sandbox from Bianance? Please do not inform me Belief pockets as I need to print Every cash’ keys individually.

I need to print the keys on paper to carry for very long time in hope sooner or later the costs improve LOL.

Many Thanks.

2 thoughts on “chilly pockets (paper)”

  1. Just so you know, text wallets don’t have to be printed. Any way you can store any other form of text works just as well.

    Most conveniently, a text file, stored offline on removable media. With multiple copies of course.

    This works for any coin that has ways of creating transactions available. Like coinb.in does for Doge, BTC, LTC and one or two others. Just store. A copy of the site alongside your wallets on the same media.

    For the garbage that isn’t real coins with all the trimmings, you’re probably better off avoiding them, or playing with tiny amounts you don’t mind risking on an exchange. Yes, I’m looking at YOU, all you crappy knockoff tokens. ????


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