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clearnet website somehow routed through tor

Clearnet Website Routed Through Tor

Due to censorship, many people turn to the dark web for the websites they want to visit. However there are still clearnet websites that can be routed through the Tor network for better user privacy and for bypassing restrictive firewalls. It is important to understand what it means for a website to be “clearnet routed through Tor” and how this can help its users.

What is Clearnet?

Before looking into how clearnet websites can be routed through Tor, it is important to understand what a clearnet website actually is. A clearnet website is a regular website which can be accessed without the aid of tools like Tor or a virtual private network (VPN). These websites have standard domain names such as .com, .gov, or .net, as well as IP addresses which are freely available to the public.

What is Tor?

Next, let’s look at what Tor is and what it is used for. Tor stands for “The Onion Router” which is a decentralized network created to provide users with a higher level of privacy and security. It does this through “onion routing” which is essentially layers of data encryption and re-direction, making it difficult for outsiders to trace a user’s online activity.

Clearnet Website Through Tor

Now we know what a clearnet website is and what Tor is, let’s explore how clearnet websites can be routed through Tor. It is possible for a clearnet website to be “forcefully routed” through Tor, effectively creating an “onion site” or “hidden service”. This process happens in the background, completely hidden from the user, so they can access their desired clearnet website and get the security and privacy of a Tor-based website.

Forcefully routing a clearnet website through Tor has numerous benefits:

  • Privacy and Security: Bypassing restrictive firewalls and masking user activities to protect against malicious actors.
  • Accessibility: Some clearnet websites are blocked in certain countries. By routing these websites through Tor, users can access them with ease.
  • Anonymity: Tor hides the IP address of the user, making it impossible for outsiders to track them.

It is important to note that clearnet websites only make up a small fraction of Tor’s total traffic and routing them through Tor does not guarantee total privacy or security. Ultimately, it is still up to the user to take additional steps to ensure their safety and privacy when browsing online.

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