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Coinbase blocking “Sends”

Since yesterday, Coinbase has been blocking Sends citing safety. It mentioned it will be blocked for twenty-four hrs. 24hrs have handed and Sends have been nonetheless disabled.

4 thoughts on “Coinbase blocking “Sends””

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  2. Hi u/raghuramv, thanks for reaching out to us. Do you already have a case open regarding this request? If so would you mind sharing your case number with us. We will take a look into this for you.
    Many thanks.

  3. Coinbase Ponzie is over, along with FTX and probably more, you all are now latest victims for why these things are illegal if you consult a lawyer or attorney. It’s just theft with extra steps and a few splashes of math games and shell games.

  4. I’m having the same issue. My account has been locked twice whenever i try to transfer moderately small amount of ETH (< $100USD). I spent two hours on the phone with support Saturday and again today. After uploading my drivers license over 10 times I’m left with an “unknown error.” The agents couldn’t explain what was wrong. They seemed genuinely puzzled as all the verification info was valid. But they kept saying “the system wouldn’t approve it”.

    I ended the call tonight with a promise that someone from the “next tier” would be in contact via email at some point in the future. They couldn’t get them on the phone and they couldn’t give me a timetable on a response. This is honestly fishy timing given FTX et al. I was pretty chill about it until today, but at this point, I‘m trying to transfer the majority of my holdings to cold storage. Hopefully it works out, but if not I guess it was my fault for trusting the convenience of an exchange?


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