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18 thoughts on “Coinbase freezing peoples accounts!”

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  2. The last 3 days have been insane for the crypto market. They have taken MAJOR loses. I called to ask why my account was frozen and I was in it for 30 min while they lied to me. I have 1 wordpf advice,


    if you or you have or know people who this has happened to please post so they know this isnt right.

    I didnt even have much money on there… this is crazy!!!

  3. I honestly can’t be the only person on here this is happening to. Only 6k so its crazy they are freezing accounts. Do some research thrive other sites and see. This isnt an isolated issue. The phone calls i had with them proved this is bigger than their leadong on!

  4. I have Cosmos and Algo staked on CB. Neither have been gaining rewards for the past several days. Today I contacted support for the 3rd time regarding this and I was told that all staking rewards have been suspended and that it is affecting every CB user. That seems pretty weird to me…


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