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Coinbase Help saying my funds are endlessly misplaced

I forgot to ship my lumens with a memo from my ledger to Coinbase Pockets. I’m speaking to Coinbase help and so they’re saying that it’s irreversible. This individual is just not educated in blockchain. It’s. I despatched them my stellar.knowledgeable and it says all of it went by efficiently and even my Coinbase pockets stability says the right stability. Now I can’t ship my lumens out of Coinbase. Giving me a “ship error”message.

Others have efficiently retrieved their lumens again by Coinbase help so I don’t perceive.

7 thoughts on “Coinbase Help saying my funds are endlessly misplaced”

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  2. They’re not saying it’s lost forever. They’re saying you are out of the realm of getting your funds back. There are plenty of prompts that directly say if you forget to use a memo or tag then your funds will be lost.

  3. Hey there, we are checking in and see that your ticket remains open. Thanks for sharing screenshots in your ticket, and we see your specialist came back with more info. Just want to reiterate first that the Coinbase Wallet app is self custodial, so we have absolutely no access to the funds. We can only see what is available on the public blockchain, which is what you linked in your ticket. Coinbase Wallet app is also not an exchange, so no memo is needed. Memos are generally only required when sending to exchanges. To confirm, you sent your assets to the Wallet app which does not require a memo.

    If the XLM is still on your wallet app address and still getting a send error then that would be a technical issue as there are no accounts on the wallet app. For example, trying a Cache clear in your app info settings or additional steps provided in our previously linked troubleshoot guide. Some other steps may be to try another device entirely. If you send it off somewhere else or an exchange you would need to contact the destination in order to locate it. However, if the blockchain link you sent in your ticket is correct then your balance should still be on there.

    As a last resort, you can use any third party wallet app you trust to import your wallet seed as long as it supports Stellar.

    Let us know what the case is for you, and let your specialist know by replying to your email thread. We’ll also note your ticket that you’ve reached out, and happy to clarify anything with your specialist.

  4. If you are referring to the Wallet app and not the exchange – you don’t need a memo.

    Sounds like it’s just an issue with your app, maybe reset – make sure you have the backup phrase/key. You can also try other wallet apps (TrustWallet, MetaMask, etc.)


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