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Coinbase repeatably making me confirm my ID.

So some time again I began off loading all my crypto from Coinbase to my ledger. At the moment I needed to confirm my ID to take action. Nonetheless previously sending funds from trade to trade was no downside. A number of weeks after that I purchased a bit of BTC and once I despatched that I needed to confirm my ID but once more. Okay so I went on and for the final a number of weeks I’ve been accumulating one other alt and determined I had sufficient on the trade and determined to do a $2 take a look at ship to Metamask this time. What have you learnt, as soon as extra I’ve to confirm my ID. This complete time thoughts you I’ve been depositing USD and utilizing my Coinbase debit card, there was by no means any concern about my ID for that. Critically wtf? rant over

11 thoughts on “Coinbase repeatably making me confirm my ID.”

  1. My fiancé signed up with her passport, and being from Brazil, has had to reverify many times. She also never got to do learn and earn, despite not living in Brazil, perhaps the type of ID you used might have an effect?

  2. When did you last actually verify your ID though?

    It’s not clear from your post.

    Coinbase brought in a new requirement about a month ago for a verification check. It was all over this sub at the time.

    It sounds like you are just only just now triggering the requirement to verify.

    There would have been a notice/banner at the top of your app since probably early/mid November warning you that it needed to be done.

  3. I believe they ask you for recertification if they detect ‘odd’ activity. You can ask at r/Coinbase and see what they say.

    Are you using a VPN or something similar?

    Some people have posted here that exchanges have even blocked people from using it again if things are too fishy.


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