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CPU Issue When Running Tails

I recently got hold of a 2017 Dell Precision 5510 that I want to use as my primary Tails piece. I’d once used a 5520 a few times and it worked well back then, so I was pumped to have come across this 5510 because despite it being older, it’s setup way better (32GB RAM, i7 processor, massive screen, etc.). There’s an issue though: whenever I use Tails (5.4 specifically) with this 5510, 1 of the 4 CPUs runs between 90%-100% all of the time, mostly supporting the Xorg, gnome-shell, and gnome-system-monitor processes. This in turn slows the entire computer down enough to where it’s noticeable and annoying.

I haven’t had much time to search yet, as getting the laptop is a recent development itself; although some of the results allude to buggy memory allocation, or bleeding memory, some things along those lines. In any case, I’ve used about 5-7 different laptops for Tails in my lifetime and have never had this happen. Tails’ “known issues” doesn’t cover this from what I could see. Does anyone know what’s happening, what the cause is, and how to fix it perhaps? How do I make this stop happening?

Thanks in advance.

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