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11 thoughts on “Crypto Alternate Bybit to Lower 30% Employees Amid Crypto Winter”

  1. Normal at this point. Tech in general not just crypto.

    But can someone explain ByBit to me? I saw it in a Youtube video and it looks like it’s an exact 1:1 copy of Binance? Or are they somehow related/share the same exchange software?

  2. It’s interesting to see who’s actually *hiring* right now. I was looking for remote jobs recently and it occurred to me to search “blockchain” and “web3” just for the hell of it, and it turns out there are a lot of projects big and small still hiring.

    I won’t mention it so I’m not accused of shilling, but I even saw one hiring for literally a dozen different positions, and this project has had its coin on exchange since before the crash. The fact that they seemingly still have *plenty* of cash to expand and are seeking to do so in this climate is interesting.

    At the very least I’d recommend looking through listings on your favorite job search service, who’s hiring and how heavily could be an indicator for who’s likely to survive the bear market.


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