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Crypto com isn’t down and it’ll most likely keep that means

All of the information spreading round, all of the FUD surrupnding them, it looke like they’ll actually be happening. However they don’t seem to be and the worst is proabbly behind them.

All this media and other people on twitter felt like an assault towards them. This needed to trigger tens and a whole lot of tens of millions of withdrawals. They usually did not halt them, all the pieces remains to be up and going.

They lowered the rates of interest on locking crypto there considerably, they lowered the cashback of their playing cards, fired lots of people, in the reduction of on advertising massively. They had been ready for this.

Their CEO isn’t some energy and a spotlight hungry maniac, I’ve to confess I did not even knew who he was earlier than this AMA he had earlier. He, like a real chief, stepped up when his firm was in hassle and answered all of the questions.

I agree that crypto com nonetheless fuel quite a lot of query marks and will nonetheless go down with out discover any day. However seeing how they handled this complete state of affairs reveals me that their administration is admittedly competent and is aware of what they’re doing and I believe they won’t go down any time quickly.

42 thoughts on “Crypto com isn’t down and it’ll most likely keep that means”

  1. It would be preferable if the exchanges all now survive having taken a kicking. People in the space are learning to hold their own coins, so all in all, unless you were in FTX when it went down, this has probably been a good thing. For those affected I have a great deal of sympathy.

  2. What is even the actual reason why everyone keeps thinking it will go down?

    Not saying it will or won’t, but I’m confused as to what has been fueling all this

  3. CZ is the worst offender spreading fear of crypto.com. The truth is, I’ve had a better user experience there compared to Binance. Not that that matters in terms of reserves. I use Coinbase or Kraken anyway if they have my coin, and they’ve been the most transparent.

  4. This sub is massively exposed to CRO. It was probably the most shilled crypto at one point. It’s still hard to make critical about about Crypto.com without being buried in downvotes.

  5. >I agree that crypto com still gas a lot of question marks and could still go down without notice any day.

    Well then, why do we care? Let’s get off exchanges and leave it by that.

  6. Its okay to be cautious and unless your doing active trading, your coins have no use being on an exchange.

    However, the majority posts I have seen here on CDC are just misinformation. E.g., people dont know what the word ‘backing’ means, they think the platform ‘invested’ in SHIB, and apparently cutting down rewards during a bear market means a company is going bankrupt.

    Please understand that billionaire CEO’s like CZ always have underlying motives for every tweet or comment they make. They are here to further increase their power and will do everything to achieve this.

  7. The worst is always ahead of CDC. They are the worst CEX. They have the worst spread. I had hope for their CRO token but they screwed that up when they screwed up their card benefits. Had high hopes for their Blockchain but they screwed that up when they screwed up their CRO token.

    Basically everything they touch turns to shit. Only good thing I can say about them is that at least they weren’t a money laundering ponzi scheme for the Democrats and Ukraine like ftx was.

  8. With how CDC behaved, handled and reacted during the last few days, I don’t think it has any major issues .

    I still wouldn’t keep my shit on exchange, but I’d be less concerned of it going belly up.

    Really , quite impressed the network handled the load so well. Still a few reports of delays but to be accepted in the grand scheme of things I think

  9. I don’t see why people thought they’d be unable to fulfil withdrawals. A huge portion of the liquidity on their site is locked in. Doesn’t matter if they have it all, y’all can’t withdraw it all.

  10. The fud around them was from a long time and now Binance CZ mentioned something and most of the people followed. Nothing bad in taking your coins out of any exchange but to claim that your exchange (Binance) it’s more SAFU than CDC is ridiculous. No exchange is safe since only the people on the top holding the money/coins know what’s really happening with their company.

  11. *”He, like a true leader, stepped up when his company was in trouble and answered all the questions.”*

    Tell that to everyone he screwed over before rebranding to CDC.

    *”Their CEO is not some power and attention hungry maniac, I have to admit I didn’t even knew who he was before this AMA he had earlier”*

    It’s pretty clear you still have no idea who he actually is.


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