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26 thoughts on “Crypto.com seeing a large Financial institution Run!”

  1. tldr; Customers pulled funds from Crypto.com after the company’s chief executive said the cryptocurrency exchange mishandled a roughly $400 million transaction.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  2. Coinbase is the winner of the Celsius and FTX debacles. I know, “not your keys, not your coins,” but believing that BTC will achieve mainstream adoption with self-custody is delusional.

  3. About time isn’t it?

    What can people do if exchanges play the same banker’s game on the people?

    It is normal that people will learn self custody and security when forced to do so.

    It seems that this this is the only action that people have to learn to protect themselves for their own good……where as unlike the KYC/AML thingy that the government forces on you to accept apparently for your own good!

    It is sad to see that instead of the Government educating citizens on the right type of money (invented and handed to them for free) they instead try to trap them into the banking and ruling class agenda.

  4. I had many shitcoins there… I dumped them all almost 2 years ago and ran for the exits. Payed off my house so I feel no anxiety during these bear cycles, trying to get as much bitcoin AND BITCOIN ONLY now… Crypto .com listen obvious scams like DERACE and other garbage… even worst than the shitcoins on Coinbase too.


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