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Crypto is breaking the Google-Amazon-Apple monopoly on person knowledge

Crypto is breaking the Google-Amazon-Apple monopoly on person knowledge

18 thoughts on “Crypto is breaking the Google-Amazon-Apple monopoly on person knowledge”

  1. tldr; Blockchain-based IoT projects offer greater trust, scalability and scalability than their predecessors and generate new efficiencies and business value by drawing on data supplied by IoT devices and sensors. By 2030, estimates suggest IoT projects will represent more than $12 trillion in value globally. Big Tech firms like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Google have monopolized user data.

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  2. One chain is already way ahead – locking all your data on the chain, letting you control it with a secure identity, as you interact with web content smart contracts also served from the chain. Everything has to live on chain for this to work and completely off big tech servers.

    This isn’t years away – it’s happening now on the internet computer.

  3. Raullen Chai wrote this and is also the co-founder and CEO of IoTeX.

    This was a sales pitch imo, besides Jasmy is light years ahead in both technology and partnerships. Japan is about to surprise the world.

    We will own our data someday soon.


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