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crypto will not develop up. So can we please no less than have the memes again.

undecided why they banned all of the memes. some have been actually humorous. now that the hypecycle officialy ended and crypto beeing thrown again a couple of years. Lets do memes once more prefer it’s 2017. Is unnecessary appearing grown up and critical anymore.

9 thoughts on “crypto will not develop up. So can we please no less than have the memes again.”

  1. Currently the frontpage of r/bitcoin is about 50% memes, most about FTX. How many more do we really need? They drown out other content, which I guess is ok for a short while on days like recently, but ultimately, bitcoin is more than crappy short-term memes and this should be reflected on this sub, too.

  2. Sure, “some” are really funny. But the vast majority that people post here are stale, extremely dumb reposts. Mods try to allow original content that’s actually amusing, in moderation.

    So if you want memes, make sure they’re not something we’ve seen 100s of times already, and actually elicits a chuckle instead of cringe.


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