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6 thoughts on “Customer support is non existent. Dying in household situation.”

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  2. Death in the family, reached out to Coinbase to have funds transferred to my mother’s account We gave all information needed, documents etc. The amount isn’t much but the just the principle of Coinbase completely disregarding this. It is already a difficult time to deal with and Coinbase treats it as nothing. Any other financial institution takes literally a day to complete. Going on three weeks now with no follow up! Have some integrity and show respect and just help already!

    Case #13636123

  3. Let’s not exaggerated, as someone that has recently had a death in the family, it took a month (3 or 4? Weeks) for us to transfer 2 Bank accounts that we were not signatories on. So this IS NOT unusual, she (you) were not signatories on the Coinbase Custody account; so significantly different than likely the Banking situation.

    If he wanted her/you to access the account easily, the necessary user name and passwords would be accessible to you/her… my wife and kids will have access to all my crypto accounts if necessary without needing to hop through hoops.

    And if he had a Coinbase Custody account, he likely had other Crypto Wallet platforms (I have ~8) that may or may not have more value. And if they are Self Custody, there is no help receiving those funds at all without the Seed Phrase (that is likely protected in the same location as the Coinbase Custody passwords and 2FA seed… of which you wouldn’t have needed to submit anything to Coinbase to access, to begin with).

  4. I wish Coinbase had an option inside of the account settings to designate someone as the beneficiary in the event the primary account holder passes away. As we move towards the wider use of crypto, this option has to be made available…or right now.


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