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Darknet search engine “VormWeb” now out there in English

As this subreddit already is aware of somewhat bit about my german darknet search engine “VormWeb”, l’d wish to announce right here that i’ve accomplished the translations and applied the language altering possibility into it.

Attempt it out: https://vormweb.de/en (Hidden Service will be discovered on the about web page or the header by way of Tor Browser)

For individuals who do not know:
VormWeb is a darknet search engine written and coded by me, Vormrodo, which will be visited on the clearnet but additionally on the darknet. I’m offering one other sort of search outcome splitup, as each of these crawled hyperlinks are categorized underneath three safety ranges, by which the 1. stands for most secure and consists of legit and PGP-verified companies.
The objectives of the search engine are to supply anonymity and assist with censorship circumvention, additionally to supply high quality outcomes fairly than hundreds of spam web sites alone.

EDIT – 23th November 2022 at 20:28 CET: I’ve simply revoked my PGP key and created a brand new one. Revokate signature and new secret’s findable on the web site.
Each of the keys and likewise the signature are additionally on my Github repo: https://github.com/Vormrodo/pgp-pubkeys-vrm/

3 thoughts on “Darknet search engine “VormWeb” now out there in English”

  1. Geez… the layout of that site hurts my eyes. I’m seeing spots and still do not trust the results. If you have experience on the DN, search “cocaine” on this site and you’ll see the 100% scammers that everyone seems to know about already.

    Sorry, but crawled links are notoriously fallible and unreliable.


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