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Day by day Dialogue, December 05, 2022

Please make the most of this sticky thread for all basic **Bitcoin** discussions! Should you see posts on the entrance web page or /r/Bitcoin/new that are higher fitted to this each day dialogue thread, please assist out by directing the OP to this thread as an alternative. Thanks!

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13 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue, December 05, 2022”

  1. You know what irks me? Is that when Bitcoin pumps again into the 30K region and beyond, that wazzock Plan B will say ‘See, my model is right on track!’ I don’t follow him but unfortunately others do, so my Twitter timeline always throws up his occasional musings.

  2. BTC/Capital Gain Q

    George buys 1/2 a coin, holds for over a year. At 1 year anniversary George starts a weekly DCA to add to his stack.

    George decides to sale half his stack, for capital gains tax purposes how is it determined if the one year rule applies? Some coin sat for a year, some coin is new, as the BTC seller, no way to select a certain portion of stack for sale??


  3. I am building a hobby sort of application on lightning and I have a question. I don’t want users to have to make an account, but I do need some minor access level control so they can manage their own contribution (a post for instance).

    Verification by lightning as described [here](https://decrypt.co/10402/sign-in-lightning-network-authentication-lapps-co) is only if you’re ~~running a node~~ using a non-custodial wallet right?

    Are there APIs to do this on the bitcoin network just to verify Person A is also Person A at a later time? Failing this are there APIs that interface with the generic browser-based wallets to do the same thing?

    Any suggestions are much appreciated ????

  4. (Reuters) – The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has warned that pension funds and other ‘non-bank’ financial firms now have more than $80 trillion of hidden, off-balance sheet dollar debt in the form of FX swaps.

    ???? stackin harder than ever

  5. Now move in, now move out, hands up, now hands down.
    Back up, back up, tell me what ya gonna do now.
    Breathe in, now breathe out, hands up, now hands down.
    Back up, back up, tell me what ya gonna do now.

    Keep dumpin dumpin dumpin…

  6. I’m not sure how many of you “get” what just happened: They swindled a bunch of people, outright conned and ripped us off. I lost a bit of Bitcoin on BlockFi. Hoping to get a fraction of it back in the bankruptcy but not counting on it.

    So what happened and what are the karmic and financial consequences?

    Back when they threw Ross in the bottomless pit and stole and dumped all his Bitcoin — which was a heck of a lot — it was, sort of, fair play. He had, in fact, broken the law. There was no karmic consequence. They really thought that by auctioning off that BTC at $10 per, they’d kill the thing. You see, even way back when in 2011, they realized that they were racing an existential threat.

    Well, that didn’t quite work out for them. We ran up to $1000 24 months later. Then they killed Mt. Gox and a bunch of people lost a bunch of Bitcoin. We skitttered around $300-400 for a couple years then blasted off to an astounding $20,000.

    At which point they brought in the big guns, the CFTC and CBOE trading “Bitcoin” in a fake paper environment in which no actual Bitcoin changed hands. It succeeded for a while, driving the price down to an incredible “discount” of $3400.

    Well, that didn’t work out for them too well either. We ran up to $50,000 shortly thereafter. So what did they do? Seeing that the spot market for real, actual Bitcoin was their problem, they set up all manner of “staking” scams where you could put your Bitcoin up for rent and earn a whopping 10% (or whatever) interest. They would borrow it, dump it, and never repay it.

    And that’s where they REALLY fucked up. That’s where they violated the Natural Law of Karma and committed fraud.

    If you thought the run up from $20 to $1000 after the evil persecution of Ross was a big deal, if you thought the run up from $1000 to $20,000 or the run up from $20,000 to $50,000 were big deals, well, you ain’t seen nothin’. In their desperation, they violated the LAW right out in the open this time.

    Five years from now, Bitcoin will just be money. We won’t be measuring its value in terms of worthless scamcoin fiat currency. There will be two classes of people: coiners and no-coiners.

    We gave them every opportunity to lay down their king and surrender, and they insisted on amplifying their own incompetence.

    Keep calm and stack sats, as always. The future belongs to us.


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