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Did I do one thing improper?

Im new to Trezor and chilly wallets and appear to have misplaced ETH. I went to ‘Obtain’, scanned the QR codes, and did a take a look at transaction for BTC ADA and ETH. All of them labored so I did the identical factor once more, scanned the QR code, quadruple checked my addresses, and the BTC and ADA labored however the ETH by no means confirmed up. I used to be assuming gasoline points however I had no concept examine that, now its been two+ days and I simply stumbled onto one thing claiming the transaction was full however I by no means obtained it. Did I do one thing improper by sending to the identical handle a second time? I see no different choices for the place to ship it after I go to ‘Obtain’. Are there some transaction ID# or one thing which are secure for me to submit to see what occurred?

3 thoughts on “Did I do one thing improper?”

  1. To get around this problem, I’ve started to send my Coinbase ETH to my Coinbase Wallet first, and then from there to my Trezor wallet. They show up in Trezor just fine, but of course you have to pay the gas fee twice.

    I can see my original lost ETH using the Metamask connection to my Trezor, but it does not show up in my totals, nor have I figured out how to interact with it. Hopefully a Trezor software update will fix this soon.


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