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Monero: The Anti-CBDC and the First Decentralized “Stablecoin” Staying Around $150 for 15 MonthsMonero is not only THE anti-CBDC, it also seems to become the first decentralized “stablecoin” hovering around $150 for 15 months already

I’m really impressed with Monero’s performance over the past 15 months. Not only is it THE anti-CBDC, but it has also become the first decentralized “stablecoin” hovering around $150 for that entire time. This is a huge accomplishment and shows


What Is Dust?Dust?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a discussion about Dust. I recently read a book about Dust and it got me thinking about the implications of this mysterious substance. Does anyone else have any thoughts or experiences with Dust?


“116M OP Tokens Sold for Treasury Management Purposes, Highlighting Optimism’s Commitment to Optimism Token Supply”Optimism has sold 116M OP tokens for “treasury management purposes”. This is the only reason alot of these tokens exist

I’m a bit concerned about the news that Optimism has sold 116M OP tokens for “treasury management purposes”. This is a huge amount of tokens and it’s the only reason why these tokens exist. It’s not clear to me what


401K Investing with MicrostrategyMicrostrategy in 401K

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and I’m looking for some advice on Microstrategy in 401K. I’m considering investing in a 401K that uses Microstrategy as its platform, but I’m not sure if it’s the right choice for me.


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