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Do any of you guys have attorneys/lawfirms you advocate for enterprise compliance?

Hello all! I’m interested by beginning a small enterprise providing VPSs and VPNs just like Amazon Internet Companies and Microsoft Azure, however with a Tor onion website. One lawyer I spoke with stated that merely having a phrases of service, privateness coverage, and acceptable use coverage that has clauses stopping you from seeing what your clients are doing (just like what HIPPA-compliance internet hosting suppliers even have) is lots for legally avoiding prison legal responsibility in case your clients carry out acts furthering human trafficking, sexual abuse, misc. trafficking, terrorism, and all the opposite stuff that isn’t allowed immediately. Do any of you guys have any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Do any of you guys have attorneys/lawfirms you advocate for enterprise compliance?”

  1. So…and correct me if what I’m saying is wrong here…you want to promote using a VPN while using TOR, even though using a VPN while using TOR is LESS safe than NOT using a VPN while using TOR?

    That about right?

  2. VPN’s are not used in this space. The Tor programmers recommend not using a VPN. Why start this company if you have not yet had a long conversation with the chief Tor programmers on why they recommend against using any VPN??
    Perhaps you should start a company that improves the Tor network by writing code that blocks DDOS attacks as that is what is most needed in this space today. If you have this skill – Use It brother!

  3. Your lawyer sucks, you are responsible for what customers use your hardware for and if you knowingly ignore reports and whatnot and refuse to take action if someone makes it known to you that your service is being used illegally because “my tos said so” you will be held liable under american law

  4. In most country’s Internet service providers can not be prosecuted for anything there customers do so long as they are not knowengly promoting there service for illegal use and you cooperate with the government/cops


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