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Do You Agree with Matthew Kratter (Bitcoin University) Being 100% BTC?What do you think about Matthew Kratter (Bitcoin University) being 100% BTC?

I think it’s really cool that Matthew Kratter from Bitcoin University is 100% BTC! It’s inspiring to see someone so dedicated to the cryptocurrency and its potential. It’s a great example of how far Bitcoin has come and how much potential it has. I’m sure it will be interesting to see how his investments turn out in the future.

19 thoughts on “Do You Agree with Matthew Kratter (Bitcoin University) Being 100% BTC?What do you think about Matthew Kratter (Bitcoin University) being 100% BTC?”

  1. Owning real estate is problematic because there are punitive taxes for just owning it. Rental properties generate income but the political climate against landlords is so bad because government propaganda has been gaslighting them as scapegoats for wages not increasing on par with real inflation for decades. Let’s not forget all the maintenance costs that have skyrocketed in recent years. So, it’s a real headache to own these assets, unless you’re one of the lucky recipients of government and banks printing money and giving it to their Cantillionaire friends so they can buy more estates they never live in.

  2. Being 100% in a single asset is generally a bad move.

    If someone does not have any income it’s extra bad.

    Taking on leverage is extra extra bad.

    If someone has several high income streams from sales compared to assets, it hardly makes any difference.

    Matthew Kratter seems to have carved a successful niche for himself, I think he will be fine whatever he holds even if every single one tanks.

    He also makes a living partly of selling courses on how to trade BTC.

    That does not mean he has any idea what the future purchasing power of BTC will be.

  3. It’s a reflection of his conviction. Hopefully it’s also a reflection of his understanding of how to keep his money safe.

    IMHO, diversification is king, and should include Bitcoin, but I’d never really want to hold only one thing.

  4. I like Matthew a lot but it is important to remember: he is extraordinary wealthy. I don’t begrudge him: he’s very bright, worked hard, and was born in a time he could take advantage of the TradFi markets. If things go sideways, it will be much easier for him to pivot than it would be Joe Bitcoin who may be living pay check to pay check, stacking where they can.

  5. Been following Kratter since 2019. He has a very high net worth. He’s not living low to buy bitcoin. He sold a lot of assets to buy bitcoin, but if bitcoin goes to 0, he’ll be just fine.

  6. He has a robust understanding of the technology and I enjoy his commentary. I would recommend him and Robert Breedlove to anyone wishing to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, they are both top tier BTC theorists

  7. Let’s hope it doesn’t get stolen cause that’s a whole lotta eggs in one basket. It’ll probably be smart once it smashes all time highs again but if it never does? Not so smart

    It probably will though


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