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Do you assume institutional adoption helps to develop bitcoin’s general adoption?

Appears it is a easy manner that helps bitcoin get into diversified portfolios of many.

Sure, it is higher if individuals begin actually understanding bitcoin’s worth proposition and consciously begin accumulating it, however that is robust – even most clever individuals I do know are nonetheless dismissive of the concept and think about it as a speculative asset.



I see why individuals may view establishments position as counterproductive. Certainly, an argument may be made {that a} huge share of institutional cash will go into paper bitcoin, which partially hurts bitcoin’s worth proposition of with the ability to self custody, and decouples actual market cap from funding flows

However nonetheless, institutional cash = huge cash, often, => greater market cap for bitcoin => extra secure value => higher worth proposition as a medium of trade => potential for community to develop stronger from transaction charges (versus mining rewards, that are predictably diminishing)..

additionally extra consciousness – and certain, majority will nonetheless not perceive bitcoin (at lease to start with) however some % will wish to dig deeper..


on the subject of paper bitcoin that institutional cash creates – sure that is dangerous, but it surely’s simply our accountability to self custody, which I believe most are already beginning to do.



The primary level I see in opposition to institutional cash flowing into the area is that it hurts bitcoin’s important thesis – not counting on any third occasion to personal and management your cash. Due to this fact, we’d like solely natural progress with correct schooling of the plenty.

I’m nonetheless not so certain that we should be so categorical – I believe nonetheless that any cash influx into the area is internet constructive power, creating extra consciousness, a few of which is able to convert to correctly educated individuals

6 thoughts on “Do you assume institutional adoption helps to develop bitcoin’s general adoption?”

  1. at this point no. it’s seems to be more dilutive in making paper iou bitcoin.

    at the end of the day, real people buying and holding real bitcoin and using it properly is real adoption.

  2. No. I think Bitcoin should be grassroots. If you push for the institutions, they’re going to look for any way they can to use it to hurt people. If you do grassroots communities, you can shield your community from the cantillon effect.

    Adoption for adoption’s sake is a bad thing and will not turn out the way you think it will.

  3. Look at all the happy horseshit you have to deal with to do the simplest thing in the world of legal/insurance/health/banking/taxation, then look at the simplicity of P2P, which they are NOT going to adopt without fiat intermediation, then make your choice.

  4. These institutions do not practice good Bitcoin custody, the custodians they use expose themselves to shitcoin risks including hacks and lending and insolvency. That some governments will give you tax breaks for using some of these vehicles **is the government bribing you not to hold bitcoin**. These vehicles are largely dangerous, irresponsibly managed, and should not be encouraged.


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