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Do you tell your other half about your Bitcoin hoard? Or is it better to keep quiet about the stash, just in case you wake up one day and everything is gone?

35 thoughts on “Do you tell your other half about your Bitcoin hoard? Or is it better to keep quiet about the stash, just in case you wake up one day and everything is gone?”

  1. It’s a personal choice. My girlfriend of a couple months will not know the details of my stash but my wife sure would. If you want someone else to have it in the event of your unplanned death, they need to know about it. If your relationship isn’t at that point then probably keep quiet.

  2. Scenario: I have Bitcoin, as a long term investment, to provide for myself and my family over time. I know this, they don’t. I drive to work tomorrow morning and get t-boned by a dump truck that got a bad brake job. My family does not know about their inheritance. That Bitcoin is lost forever. Perhaps good for the price for everyone else, but any of its utility is now gone.

  3. Bitcoin is not about trust, is exactly the opposite! You don’t need to trust anything because it’s 100% transparent and you can verify everything!

    That being said: would you tell randoms that you have hidden stashes of gold and gems *somewhere* in your house?

  4. My wife knows as I thought it was responsible to tell her what we own and control. I control the BTC, she does not have access to it at this point. For the most part, I trusted her to keep our business private. However, I was flabbergasted when we were sitting with her extended family over dinner one night, these are people half way around the world, and we hardly ever see them, first time for me, and the topic came up, and she proudly points at me and announces, “He has x amount of bitcoin!” People were like, ok, that’s interesting and seemed to just move on because they really don’t know anything about BTC. But I was sitting there with my internal shockface on that she would even think that was ok to say out loud in public setting but I assume she felt safe with her family. Much More education is needed.

  5. She knows I’m interested in bitcoin and knows that if I die where to look! So we’re all good 😂 She doesn’t know how much/little I’ve got though, nor does she care fortunately.
    It’s not life changing either way atm, can afford to lose it (would rather not), and if I cashed it out now our life wouldn’t be any different, just have abit more crappy fiat. I personally think your other half should atleast know you’ve got some incase the worst does happen, be a shame for it to be another lost wallet! Although this is assuming you already share other finances together first.

  6. Yes. She knows where my keys are kept and how to access if something should happen to me. I think a successful marriage is about transparency, honesty, and communication.

    Also, who knows she might end up believing in it herself. My wife has some of her own sats even, and I encourage her to DCA but she’s doesn’t have as much faith as we do yet

  7. I never knew I was going to be in an 18 year long relationship, buy a house with, sell it, move cross country and buy a second house, create and entire life with a woman who would turn out to be a secret alcoholic, cocaine and weed abuser, gambling addict.

    As a man who lost a home worth $1.5m and discovered my ex wife had destroyed our finances with the above listed problems that she his from me, I advise everyone to love, cherish your spouse, significant other but HIDE your crypto from them.

    I had to start all over in life. With nothing. My ex took out credit cards and forged my name. I had to pathetically beg my parents for help so I wasn’t homeless. The worst, darkest, scariest time in my life. I loved my ex with all my heart. Me and her daughter, friends and family begged and tried to get her to go to rehab and she chose to live like a homeless junky. We lost everything and I had to file for divorce.

    If only I had something like Bitcoin hidden as my back up .

    I told my brother that if I die, go to my place & search for my valuable stuff but I did not give specifics…

  8. My wife knows that I hold Bitcoin and other crypto but she doesn’t know the exact numbers. She doesn’t care about it too much but is excited when I get excited. She knows about the keys in case of my untimely death. Hopefully most people don’t hide too much from their spouse.

  9. maybe iam one of the harsh once but i woulnd´t tell anyone about it. i would even do the opposite. and i would never marry because i only see the downside of it. you can live a happy life with someone without a marriage. and even share rings if you like that stuff.

    First marriages still end in divorce at a rate of approximately 35-50%, while second marriages face an even higher likelihood of dissolution, ranging from 60-70% or more.

    good luck

  10. My bf knows I have it, I don’t think he’d be able to work out how to even start accessing it (due to a combination of lack of interest, thinking it’s gambling, and general distain for crypto).

  11. Keep quiet, if you feel like disclosing then disclose any amount you may have to divide in half. I understand she’s a gf, but if it gets serious and you live together (even briefly) you may have to give up half.


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