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Does staking permit centralized token to be “invested”?

SBF’s equivocation when requested by Stephenopolis if it was okay to make use of different’s belongings towards funding, made me surprise about staking. I feel we might have to depart our cash in scorching storage with a purpose to “capitalize” on the advantages of staking. Personally I hold most of my cash in a {hardware} pockets and I used to be advised I can not stake them whereas they’re there. Of all of the tales within the media about SBF’s dilemma, even on CNBC by no means as soon as have I heard anyone point out staking and I’ve by no means, thank god, gone close to FTX or FTT so I do not know if they provide staking. I am guessing they do or used to.

I assumed it was time to ask the specialists.

9 thoughts on “Does staking permit centralized token to be “invested”?”

  1. My dude, you’re mixing up like 10 different things. Time to do some Googling on what staking is. In general though, unless you’re running a validator node, you are giving up (delegating) your crypto to a validator. That may or may not have anything to do with a centralized exchange depending on how you decide to do it.

  2. Your question doesn’t really make sense, you’ve already “invested” if you’ve already bought the cryptocurrency, staking (and lending) is how you earn yield off of that investment.

    Hot wallets are software wallets (on a phone or computer) and hardware wallets are physical devices, you can stake from both.

    What happened with FTX collapsing has nothing to do with staking, they were stealing user funds, they had a slush fund that took user deposits and allowed insiders to trade assets without even recording transaction history (money laundering)

  3. That’s totally wrong. I have been staking ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, OSMO, SCRT, etc., directly from my wallet and I believe that most coins can be staked the same way.

  4. >Personally I keep most of my coins in a hardware wallet and I was told I cannot stake them while they are there.

    This is not true. You can stake it directly from your wallet. That, I believe, is one of the most secure methods. I have my NGM, ATOM, MATIC, JUNO, and NEAR all staked directly from my wallet.


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