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Does Wasabi pockets can break linkage to me?

Story goes like this:

As a way to use crypto ATMs in my metropolis, I must go KYC information and my ID to be linked to my BTC pockets.
I’m studying 2hrs WasabiWallet DOCs however I did not perceive if it may break linkage to me?

If I understood accurately, it shuffle my BTCs in pockets that’s IDed and make new pockets that I can use to purchase issues and it CAN’T be traced again from new pockets to previous one (IDed)?

2 thoughts on “Does Wasabi pockets can break linkage to me?”

  1. Wasabi wallet has made a decision to partner with a chain analysis company to blacklist certain utxos from the zsnacks coordinator. If you want to support chain analysis and censorship, use Wasabi. If you don’t want to support those types of things look at other non custodial forms of coinjoin.


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