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Hello Shibes,

Welcome to todays Day by day Dialogue put up. **YOU ARE DOGECOIN!**

In case you are trying to safely retailer your cash for the long run test the hyperlinks within the “Find out how to purchase DOGECOIN” put up on the prime of the subreddit.

If you wish to give another person DOGECOIN on Reddit try /r/sodogetip

You can too get the newest model of the dogecoin pockets (model 1.14.6) from www.dogecoin.com

Listed here are some hyperlinks and matters that individuals have wished me to put up right here. Please have a look!

* [HOW TO BUY DOGECOIN GUIDE UPDATED](https://redd.it/qrhcs5/) – https://redd.it/qrhcs5

* [[Guide] Find out how to create and redeem paper wallets! ](https://redd.it/r7cg2e)

* [[Guide] Extract the restoration phrase from the Android apappp Dogecoin Pockets created by langerhans](https://redd.it/rcvzw4)

* [[Guide] A fast comparability of Dogecoin wallets](https://redd.it/rd8hya)

* [Such News! Are we ready for our tipbot keys?](https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/feedback/nw6okq/such_news_are_we_ready_for_our_tipbot_keys_ive/)

* [Cryptwerk.com is a list of many many many places you can spend dogecoin.](https://cryptwerk.com/pay-with/doge/)

* [Advice from a Gambling Counsellor](https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/feedback/mwrltk/advice_from_a_gambling_counsellor/) – https://redd.it/mwrltk

* [Looking after your mental health](https://reddit.com/r/dogecoin/feedback/mtf2ym/reminder_that_dogecoin_is_awesome_but_its_not/) – https://redd.it/mtf2ym

* [Being aware of scammers](https://www.reddit.com/r/dogeducation/feedback/n9nwfc/scammers/)

* [Another Shibe wrote a post about being aware of scams.](https://redd.it/mrq5c9) – https://redd.it/mrq5c9

* [[email protected] ([email protected]) and GitHub are NOT Doge helplines!](https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/feedback/n6wtnr/fh_foldinghome_and_github_are_not_doge_helplines/)

* [From 7 years ago. An open letter to the Dogecoin community from co-founder Billy Markus](https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/feedback/1xaeue/enjoy_this_moment_an_open_letter_to_the_dogecoin/)

* [Had a few people ask me to mention this petition to get Amazon to accept dogecoin](http://chng.it/R48d6XYwMr)

Some Shibes have reported points with getting their dogecoins out of binance.us (possibly binance.com as nicely). /u/patricklodder created an informative put up lately that reveals individuals simply how to do that when you have an Android telephone. Test it out right here. https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/feedback/rxhefe/guide_how_to_get_your_doge_out_of_binance_android/

For extra technical discussions about dogecoin please go to /r/dogecoindev

Do not forget to report posts and feedback you assume are usually not applicable for the subreddit. If you wish to focus on one thing particular please [message the moderators](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=/r/dogecoin)

Would you like one thing added right here? Ship the moderators modmail to debate. Would you like one thing faraway from right here? Effectively ship modmail too. You all make this put up collectively and your assistance is all the time appreciated.

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**D**o **O**nly **G**ood **E**veryday

Simply carry on dancing!


  1. In a bull market, don’t fomo, in a bear market, don’t fud.

    Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 24 ~ Fear

    Current price: $16,610

  2. Someone here mentioned that Elon was going on the Joe Rohan podcast again. Is that true? If so, when? (Didn’t see anything in google about it)


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