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Each day Dialogue, December 06, 2022

Please make the most of this sticky thread for all normal **Bitcoin** discussions! In case you see posts on the entrance web page or /r/Bitcoin/new that are higher suited to this every day dialogue thread, please assist out by directing the OP to this thread as a substitute. Thanks!

If you do not get a solution to your query, you possibly can attempt phrasing it in a different way or commenting once more tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue, December 06, 2022”

  1. with all the recent SBF talk it seems people are letting their political sides affect their opinions. bitcoin is apolitical. Who SBF donated to or not is irrelevant. furthermore if you want to believe anything this guy says at face value, you are just trying to rationalize with your own biases. There are no sides to bitcoin.


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