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Each day Dialogue, November 24, 2022

Please make the most of this sticky thread for all basic **Bitcoin** discussions! For those who see posts on the entrance web page or /r/Bitcoin/new that are higher fitted to this day by day dialogue thread, please assist out by directing the OP to this thread as a substitute. Thanks!

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25 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue, November 24, 2022”

  1. Heads up for everyone. Coinbase is forcing customers to link bank accounts via a “trusted third-party” called Plaid. Bank accounts which were linked for years are now being unlinked.

  2. Have a question about transactions getting stuck in the mempool.

    Say I have a wallet that has a balance of 1 BTC. I sign a transaction to another user for 1 BTC using this wallet. If my transaction gets stuck in the mempool, what is preventing me from initiating another transaction to another user where I send them 1 BTC with the same wallet with a higher fee, which results in this one getting confirmed first. Would this just lead to my first transaction never being confirmed because it would be invalidated? Or is there basically a hold put on 1 BTC of this wallet while the transaction is pending in the mempool, preventing me from initiating another transaction?

  3. The best thing you can do for bitcoin daily is mention it in comments everytime it has a superior use case. People complaining about banks? Bitcoin. people complaining visa fees. Bitcoin. People complaining about inflation. Bitcoin. More people must know an superior system exists.

  4. I’ll never understand why so many people find it perfectly acceptable that fiat money is designed to decrease in value. The fact that my paycheck today is guaranteed to be worth less in the future is infuriating. The result is a society where you’re not incentivized to save for the future but rather spend in the present.

    Bitcoin is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

  5. I love the “last chance to buy under x” meme because it’s always true. (Last chance to buy under 20K, btw)

    But this time it goes a level deeper. This cycle is your last chance. Five years from now, Bitcoin will just be money and everybody will be scrambling for it like they do for fakedollars now. This cycle is your last chance. I hope it lasts a while. I hope we don’t have that WTF BGD for at least another six months so the smart people can consolidate their rule and a few more normies can wake up and evade poverty.

    I guess that’s what I don’t like about Bitcoin in the longer term: It won’t really solve the problem of dumb people being poor and living lives of quiet desperation. Best case scenario is that we Bitcoiners are kinder and purer of spirit than these bankster vampires and that we are generous and future-focused when we rebuild the world for humanity and for all living things.

    Sorry, turkey coma speaking here… but it’s true.

    TLDR: I hope that we are kinder and more spiritually advanced than these vampire warmongers currently running things. Greed can make you “rich” sometimes, but it will always make you poor. Remember that.

  6. So, I’ve long had this problem with the world where there’s a serious lack of *intermediate* level information. All the information is either for total noobs, or is highly advanced, technical, and academic. I’m looking for good technical reading about bitcoin or the bitcoin blockchain that assumes a basic understanding of the underlying technology but isn’t so advanced that I need a mathematics degree to understand it. Any tips on where I might find something like this?

  7. What happens to the network when we hit 21 million? Is there enough incentive to run full nodes? Only the miners get fees, right, is there *any* incentive to run nodes aside from just wanting to contribute to the network security and stability? What does the Bitcoin network look like in 2140?


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