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11 thoughts on “Ether Turns Inflationary as Community Utilization Slows”

  1. Lmao. They made it even more volatile. Down more when it’s down and up more when it’s up. ????Not that it matters. The FTX saga has proven to anyone paying attention that POS is dogshit and defi isn’t censorship resistant nor decentralized because of custodians for stables and wrapped tokens. You should listen to someone break down Exactly what happened to FTX and why it was so easy for SBF to steal from people. Saylor does it well, but Y’all probably won’t listen to him. And I’m starting to suspect that I’ll be shocked to find out nobody learned anything from the Solana/FTX defi disaster. Smh. I guess yall assume Bitgo and Circle are safe, decentralized, and censorship resistant. ????


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