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Every day Dialogue, November 23, 2022

Please make the most of this sticky thread for all normal **Bitcoin** discussions! When you see posts on the entrance web page or /r/Bitcoin/new that are higher suited to this day by day dialogue thread, please assist out by directing the OP to this thread as an alternative. Thanks!

If you aren’t getting a solution to your query, you’ll be able to strive phrasing it in another way or commenting once more tomorrow.

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21 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue, November 23, 2022”

  1. Hey, all – I have a question about Bitcoin hard forks and the centralisation involved in software maintenance/reversals. I’m reading “The Age of Cryptocurrency” and in the section “The Arms Race”, it’s talking about how there was a problem moving between versions of Bitcoin and how this led to a hard fork.

    >”Wuille realized early on that this particular fork was not caused by a greedy hacker .. but by a glitch that had occurred when his colleagues on the core development team introduced the new version 0.8. Its reconstituted database was supposed to reconcile with the database records of version 0.7 but wasn’t doing so.. After consulting with Wuille and two other core developers .. Andresen decided to abandon the new software and revert back to version 0.7.”

    The book talks about how this resulted in some folks losing coins, as they were created on a chain no longer treated as legitimate. But it does not talk about how this is a centralisation issue; **how does one person or a team control the ability to revert transactions or whole chains/ledgers? Are they using some mechanism that does not introduce centralisation concerns?** I’m not understanding why the book is not talking about this (at least yet), while it seems like an obvious issue, something profoundly counter to decentralisation overall. Do y’all have any insights?

  2. If at some point in the future we have some kind of hyperbitcoinification what will prevent all the bitcoin from simply gathering upwards into a few hands like money tends to now?

  3. I DCA monthly using my Ledger as cold storage.

    How do I view my entire holdings if Ledger issues a different temporary address every time I send? Is there a single receiving address that I can view on a block explorer, and how do I find it?

  4. So once I generate a receive address with a Ledger, I can just keep sending to that same address from my exchange account every week, right? And I can generate another address to use for another exchange for withdrawals there. I can generate as many or as few as I want, they will all work for an indefinite number of transactions over an indefinite amount of time? And they all go to the same wallet?


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