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Everybody thinks in regards to the traders, but nobody even thinks in regards to the builders

Now that FTX and Alameda went underwater, Solana can be beginning to really feel the strain contemplating the prior are two of the most important traders within the chain.

With that being consider, I’ve been seeing loads of consideration being directed in the direction of the traders but virtually non in the direction of the builders of the chain.

The builders have arguably invested simply as a lot (if no more) into the chain and never simply financially.

These builders have invested loads of time, effort, abilities, and private contact into the chain which makes it more durable for them to observe all of their onerous work sink.

The one factor that builders have going for them is that they’ve a manner out in contrast to the traders who’re compelled to take care of the monetary burden.

Most Solana builders for instance at the moment are taking a chapter out of Luna’s books and are migrating to Polygon now. Magic Eden for instance, main NFT market on Solana’s ecosystem, is migrating to Polygon.

However even then, it’s important to consider that these builders are simply as affected because the traders are.

Think about watching all of your onerous work and keenness dissipate simply explanation for a bunch of grasping, reckless, mendacity bastards.

The traders are clearly ruined financially and must be handled instantly with all of their rights being restored. However let’s additionally not neglect in regards to the destiny of the builders who initially helped construct this complete ecosystem and gave us the chance to put money into it within the first place

3 thoughts on “Everybody thinks in regards to the traders, but nobody even thinks in regards to the builders”

  1. Respectfully, did IT have no access to accounting? $900m in cash and $9B in liabilities? (Is that correct?) The reason I do not think of developers is in good times IT gets stock options/incentives for doing a job not linked to performance, but claim they “deserve” such benefits: live by the sword, die by the sword.
    Also, don’t work in fintech if the risk/ reward ratio is beyond your comfort zone.
    I wish you all the best personally but respectfully disagree with your post. Thanks.


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