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Explain to me like I'm 5 years old how to send mail cash for Monero?

So I’m using Tails on a flashdrive. I have set up my Feather wallet and my localmonero.co account. I’ve read that the safest most anon way of buying Monero is by mailing cash from a vendor in your country (I have only 2). If there are other methods of getting Monero without being tracable, I’m willing to try them out.

Anyway I’ve never bought Monero or anything from the darknet so I’m a huge noob. These 2 vendors I mentioned, despite that it says that they operate in my country, I have to use EUR which is not a local currency and I have to mail the cash in Germany which means it’s internation, which I’ve heard is also bad for anonimity.

Should I mail them cash despite not being in my country? What do I need to do in order to send the mail to them (I know it sounds dumb but I’ve never send any mail in my life. Also what is KYC and why do people avoid it?

If anyone could explain to me the entire process of mailing cash or another safe way of getting Monero, it would be appreciated.

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