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Exploring Options for Vault


Vault is a powerful tool for managing secrets and protecting sensitive data. It provides a secure way to store, manage, and access secrets, such as passwords, API keys, and certificates. Vault also provides a convenient way to manage access to these secrets, allowing users to control who can access them and when.

The Concerning option on Vault is a great way to ensure that your secrets are kept safe and secure. It allows you to set up a policy that requires users to provide additional information before they can access a secret. This additional information can include a PIN, a password, or a biometric authentication. This ensures that only authorized users can access the secret, and that the secret is kept secure.

The Concerning option also allows you to set up an expiration date for the secret. This ensures that the secret is only available for a certain amount of time, and that it is not accessible after the expiration date. This is especially useful for secrets that are only needed for a short period of time, such as temporary passwords or API keys.

The Concerning option also allows you to set up an audit log for the secret. This audit log will record all access attempts to the secret, allowing you to track who has accessed the secret and when. This is useful for ensuring that the secret is only accessed by authorized users, and that any unauthorized access attempts are detected and addressed.

Overall, the Concerning option on Vault is a great way to ensure that your secrets are kept secure and that only authorized users can access them. It provides an additional layer of security, and allows you to set up an expiration date and an audit log for the secret. This ensures that your secrets are kept safe and secure, and that any unauthorized access attempts are detected and addressed.

35 thoughts on “Exploring Options for Vault”

  1. Huh, agreed, that’s a terrible idea. Putting your keys online is a bad idea.

    To be fair, they’re already online (right here on Reddit). But adding to another online location?? That’s not good.

  2. Someone else spotted this earlier, came here to ask for advice about it. Reddit should really encourage the making of hard (I.e. written on paper) copies of the seed

  3. Isn’t it like encrypted and kept separately or something? Similar to how your Google Authenticator app is linked to your Google Drive? But it’s not actually storing anything there in files so you or hacker can browse it and read it?

  4. It’s an easy and fast solution for noobs.
    Nothing can give you 100% security.
    The best way to keep your funds from being spend is to destroy your own seed ASAP 😉 /s

  5. That’s a terrible idea and shouldn’t be promoted, “write down your seed phrase on paper with a pen and store it in a safe location for backup” should be the only thing to recommend there imo.

  6. Yea, same. My standard key MO of one copy in the house for convenient use, and a couple backups in strategic locations in case of house fire are good enough for me.

    Even if I only had the one vulnerable to a house fire or natural disaster or something, the risk of that happening is infinitesimally smaller than the risk of a cloud hack. If the cloud itself is less secure than your wallet is with that key phrase, it doesn’t make sense to store your keys there.

  7. I created a Coinbase Wallet the other day to help a friend out of a jam..

    While generating your seed phrase it asks you, well it basically tells you, to back up your seed phrase on Google Drive or to copy it to your clipboard. Zero about saving it offline.

    I thought Coinbase would do better than that. Then again, Drive is *probably okay* in 99.9% of cases. Unfortunately this might be the kind of BS necessary for mainstream adoption – most people are simple, or really don’t care.

  8. I think that it is a terrible idea for crypto people but for average people that only have free Reddit avatars is okay.

    People needs to be educated into good passwords and also 2FA. I honestly believe that 2FA should be mandatory for everybody.

  9. I personally haven’t seen this banner before, but you’re definitely right to be concerned, no one in their right mind would backup their vault online, let alone on Google servers, can’t trust them as far as I can throw em!

  10. best things are often te most simple, a piece of paper in a safe/locked box hidden in ur house. (and if u want to add even more fire safety. hide 1 copy at a trusted place, so even a fire wont make u lose ur crypto

  11. I don’t hear enough people talk about putting a hot wallet on and older phone and using it as using it a wallet. It is easier than a Ledger. Store your keys locally on the device.

  12. I wonder if this is a new trend because my cex started a new liquidity platform (Okto) and they asked to save it on Google drive too, but also said that even if the Google account is compromised, the wallet won’t be. Haven’t invested anything there tho


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