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EXPOSED: Capitalism reliant on rights of liberty. Client freedoms pushed to the perimeter. Crypto customers labeled outlaws as crypto currencies are outlawed.

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This put up intends to assist crypto customers perceive why authorities acts counter to what appears cheap or honorable within the crypto merchandise house.


**Dangerous precedent shouldn’t be good precedent.** I made that declare in a authorized case 15y in the past that I introduced in opposition to the US Division of Justice whereas representing myself. The content material of that case shouldn’t be materially related to this put up or this subreddit, however the assertion itself is.

Precedent is essential in authorized issues. Typically I feel it’s handled as overly essential, as a result of it allows judges to behave with out diligence or knowledge. Precent is a tolerance check. Precedent is commonly handled as if extra is best. However what ought to occur when precedent is unhealthy?

I don’t need to shock anybody by stating this, however human historical past has uncovered dangerous (even evil) functions by folks with energy over different folks.

Slavery is a kind of ideas that has modified over time. Within the historical past of USA, slavery additionally took many varieties relying on the placement and predominant tradition. Underlying a lot of the remedy of slaves in USA was the concept that “ignorance” deserves no reward. I put citation marks across the time period ignorance, as a result of its use for an oppressed group of individuals has nefarious indications. Therefrom additionally comes a precedent that I consider as unhealthy. The precedent is that the wishes or wants of an individual could also be withheld (ignored) if that particular person is unaware (ignorant). In these outdated days, a basic perception was that slaves in USA didn’t deserve full authorized protections due residents as a result of slaves had been unaware of their equal human rights. These kinds of beliefs tackle a lifetime of their very own, so even in opposition to proof the slaves had been denied honest remedy and justice in some ways.

Authorized safety for abortion in USA invoked the identical precedent. In reality, many international locations world wide invoke this precedent as a approach of gauging the timeframe that an abortion could also be authorized. The concept is {that a} child not but sentient (can it really feel) or sapient (can it assume; is it aware) doesn’t deserve safety or a proper to stay, as a result of it doesn’t exhibit an consciousness of its life.

The occasions that unfolded in GameStop inventory that satisfied congress to forgive Wall Avenue establishments for denying full buying and selling rights to retail (lowly) buyers to safeguard the system from penalties of its personal felony profiteering additionally invoked the identical precedent. The unimportant plenty (retail buyers) are deemed so uneducated and unsophisticated that they could be denied their will, due to their ignorance. The little folks wanted to be saved by depriving them of simply dues, and as an alternative save the system that was made for us all.

Crypto belongings are more and more being ruled by international locations utilizing this similar precedent. Since most individuals are unaware of various particulars about digital tokenization, the federal government assumes broad choices for its governance of the house. Since most individuals don’t perceive crypto exchanges, it’s inside authorities purview to disregard rights in opposition to normal crime executed by authorities linked entities (even involving political bribery) within the house. Since populations are typically ignorant about cash or foreign money, it’s completely inside a authorities’s energy to writer legal guidelines about possession within the house.

Do you see the connection? The tender hand of presidency, like a guardian able to shelter (deny). The laborious hand of presidency, like an authority prepared to guard (seize).

The actions of presidency officers; be it politician, regulator, bureaucrat, choose, or others; have largely quietly invoked the concept that people who find themselves ignorant have to be shielded from their ignorance by ignoring their will in regard. Take away the factor that may hurt them. Give them one thing else that the guardian offers to maintain them of their place.

Crypto currencies are on the capitalist frontier. These digital merchandise signify a pure type of capitalism. Safeguards will not be there. Creativity is relied upon, as is greed for its stimulation of competitors, effectivity, and self-correction out there. If the federal government insists ignorance and restriction, then crypto customers should object to maintain the setting inventive, grasping, and capitalist pure. These liberties are essential. This leaves solely two outcomes to count on. Both crypto customers proceed to personal the house, or authorities will finally flip them into outlaws.

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  1. “power” over other people is about control. Control is there to manage an uncertain world. Uncertainty is scary for people. Most cannot live with an idea that things cannot be controlled. Not everything.


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