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Extract Sensitive Information (PII) From Logs

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DataSurgeon (ds) is a versatile tool designed to Extract Sensitive Information (PII) From Logs, it’s intended to be used for incident response, penetration testing, and CTF challenges.

DataSurgeon - Extract Sensitive Information (PII) From Logs

It allows for the extraction of various types of sensitive information including emails, phone numbers, hashes, credit cards, URLs, IP addresses, MAC addresses, SRV DNS records and a lot more!

DataSurgeon – Extract Sensitive Information (PII) From Logs Features

DataSurgeon is able to extract:

  • Emails
  • Files
  • Phone numbers
  • Credit Cards
  • Google API Private Key ID’s
  • Social Security Numbers
  • AWS Keys
  • Bitcoin wallets
  • URL’s
  • IPv4 Addresses and IPv6 addresses
  • MAC Addresses
  • SRV DNS Records
  • Extract Hashes
    • MD4 & MD5
    • SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
    • SHA-3 224, SHA-3 256, SHA-3 384, SHA-3 512
    • MySQL 323, MySQL 41
    • NTLM
    • bcrypt

You can install DataSurgeon here:

Or read more here.

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