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Fast query relating to DCA with out having crypto on exchanges.

Till now I had a recurring purchase choice set to mechanically purchase BTC each day on the crypto com alternate. With all that’s occurring I wish to transfer all the things to my ledger for apparent causes.

Is there any technique to DCA mechanically with out having it achieved by exchanges? I clearly don’t wish to do it manually each single day..

Thanks 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fast query relating to DCA with out having crypto on exchanges.”

  1. Your not getting the fundamentals….exchanges are great for convenience and cost…..they suck for security.
    You can have cheap and easy or you can have safe….

  2. Use strike or swan or a more reputable exchange (right now CB, Krak, Bin and Gem are you safest choice) and when you accumulate enough to move to a wallet. Repeat forever.


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