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27 thoughts on “FBI Raids FTX Aligned Auditing Agency’s Workplaces in Decentraland”

  1. >Special Agent Waldon scoffed “I might be new to this crypto thing, but from my understanding of the metaverse if an avatar dies in the metaverse they die in real-life

    lmao… that was 20 years ago. New technology now will only give your avatar the dead Zuck look

  2. >As Prager Metis CEO, Glenn Friedman’s avatar was led out of the office in handcuffs he is reported to have yelled “get your damn mits off my avatar, you feds!”
    >Searching through the pixelated metaverse based office building, FBI agent avatars collected numerous NFTs & in-game items belonging to the audit firm. Sources confirmed that these items have been taken back to the FBI’s Decentraland office for further review & analysis.

  3. I literally almost puked all over my phone reading this article lol. Can only imagine characters like Steve from MC running around Decentraland, storming firm offices…this was a funny read.

  4. “Things got serious when 4 executives in “Among Us” avatars start tea-baging our forces, but we could reduce them in time before they destroyed more evidence” – FBI Metaverse Corps.

  5. Ahhh yes….. The raid no one asked for but the one we needed. I literally thought at first what in the Minecraft / roblox shit is going on.

    The future is *definitely* now

    Arrest sbf already.


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