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Find out how to Bitbox02 hook up with my node (home windows)

I’m making an attempt to connect with my node. I wish to use my different laptop computer (Macbook) to connect with my Home windows 10 laptop computer.

I attempt to add endpoint in Bitbox app, nevertheless it would not work.

endpoint 1: public IP:50001 or public IP:9050 or public IP:8333

All present “`Failed:dial tcp public ip:50001: join: connection refused`”

One other attempt with intranet IP (each on the identical wifi): 10.0.0.x:50001 or 10.0.0.x:9050 or 10.0.0.x:8333

All present “`request timeout`”

The node is working on Home windows 10 (Bitcoin core GUI, v22.0), electrum server, tor


datadir = D:/Bitcoin core
pay attention=1


cookie_file = “/mnt/d/Bitcoin core/.mycookie”
daemon_rpc_addr = “”
daemon_p2p_addr = “”
db_dir = “/mnt/d/ElectrsData”
community = “bitcoin”
electrum_rpc_addr = “”
log_filters = “INFO”
server_banner = “Electrs @ NeuroticFish, yay!”


ControlPort 9051
CookieAuthentication 1
HiddenServiceDir D:Bitcoin core
HiddenServicePort 8333

Does anybody know? Thanks!!


Replace 1:

I used to be in a position to join it by way of native community by adjusting the next:


electrum_rpc_addr = “”

Nonetheless, the remark within the file mentions that utilizing []( is a nasty thought.

I added []( as a node in bitbox app and it related.

Nonetheless, I wish to hook up with my node when I’m away (remotely). So utilizing Tor can be a greater resolution.

From `getnetworkinfo` in bitcoin full node console:

“title”: “ipv4”,
“restricted”: false,
“reachable”: true,
“proxy”: “”,
“proxy_randomize_credentials”: true
“title”: “ipv6”,
“restricted”: false,
“reachable”: true,
“proxy”: “”,
“proxy_randomize_credentials”: true
“title”: “onion”,
“restricted”: false,
“reachable”: true,
“proxy”: “”,
“proxy_randomize_credentials”: true

From **tor.exe**:

Nov 23 00:21:52.327 [notice] Opening Socks listener on
Nov 23 00:21:52.327 [notice] Opened Socks listener connection (prepared) on
Nov 23 00:21:52.327 [notice] Opening Management listener on
Nov 23 00:21:52.328 [notice] Opened Management listener connection (prepared) on
Nov 23 00:21:52.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 0% (beginning): Beginning
Nov 23 00:21:53.000 [notice] Beginning with guard context “default”
Nov 23 00:21:54.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 5% (conn): Connecting to a relay
Nov 23 00:21:54.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 10% (conn_done): Related to a relay
Nov 23 00:21:55.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 14% (handshake): Handshaking with a relay
Nov 23 00:21:55.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 15% (handshake_done): Handshake with a relay executed
Nov 23 00:21:55.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 75% (enough_dirinfo): Loaded sufficient listing information to construct circuits
Nov 23 00:21:55.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 90% (ap_handshake_done): Handshake completed with a relay to construct circuits
Nov 23 00:21:55.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 95% (circuit_create): Establishing a Tor circuit
Nov 23 00:21:57.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 100% (executed): Carried out
Nov 23 00:22:53.000 [notice] New management connection opened from

I run tor browser on my mac.

I allow tor proxy in Bitbox app and added []( because the proxy.

Then, I add the onion deal with from the native deal with displaying in bitcoin console.

It returns `Failed:socks join tcp>my onion deal with.onion:50001: unknown error connection refused`

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