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Finest and Least expensive Approach to Purchase BTC and Withdraw ASAP?

Hey Everybody,

I’m within the US and have been utilizing Coinbase Professional and Gemini Energetic Dealer. Each present prompt ACH deposits however, the primary difficulty, is having to attend 4-6 enterprise days for my ACH to clear and eventually attending to withdraw my Bitcoin into my pockets.

I’m trying ahead to hopefully studying the very best methods to bypass that 4-6 enterprise day ready interval with out having to pay further charges.


10 thoughts on “Finest and Least expensive Approach to Purchase BTC and Withdraw ASAP?”

  1. Personally, I hate to say this but I would not do any ACHs into Gemini at this time. If Genesis files bankruptcy, this will take Gemini along with it. It does not matter the 1 to 1 with the Exchange. What matters is the reputation and it will be lost once main street blast that GEMINI EARN went bust. I believe Gemini knows this and is why they have delayed trying to work with Genesis, DCG. Both my Gemini earn and exchange balance has been zero and will remain that way until we see the how this situation plays out.

    For that reason, I use Kracken. They just started the ACH from US bank into kracken which works great and clears in a few days. They also have ACH going out to US banks as well. I feel much safer with Kracken as they do not have a token to support like the other exchanges.

  2. Is ACH the only option over there? I am curious because here in Europe I used to deposit fiat in my Kraken account with SEPA and now they support Instant SEPA as well. SEPA usually clears in 2 business days while Instant SEPA, as the name implies, is almost instant and I can withdraw my Bitcoin in minutes.

    If ACH is your only option and you don’t live in either Washington State or New York, then maybe look into Kraken, at least you can save on fees. They’ve been around since 2011 and they have very high security standards. No hack, no FTX-like type of bullshit. I had accounts on all the big exchanges, including Coinbase, Gemini and Binance, started buying Bitcoin on Binance and then switched to Kraken because of the unmatched fees.

    Maker fee is 0.16%, taker fee is 0.26%, withdrawal fee for on-chain transaction is 0.00001 BTC (10x cheaper than Gemini, 20x cheaper than Binance) and if you withdraw via Lightning Network you pay zero fees but you can transfer up to 0.25 BTC per transaction. Some exchanges might have lower trading fees than Kraken but they screw you over withdrawals.


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