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for CryptoARGUMENT: Binance 51% Market-Share is Good for CryptoCOUNTER ARGUMENT: Binance 51% Market-Share is Bad

I think it’s important to consider the potential implications of Binance having a 51% market-share in the cryptocurrency industry. While it’s true that having a large market-share can be beneficial in terms of liquidity and price stability, it can also lead to a lack of competition and a lack of innovation. This could lead to a situation where Binance is able to dictate the terms of the market and potentially manipulate prices. This could be detrimental to the industry as a whole, as it could lead to a lack of trust and confidence in the market. It’s important to consider the potential risks of having a single entity with such a large market-share.

17 thoughts on “for CryptoARGUMENT: Binance 51% Market-Share is Good for CryptoCOUNTER ARGUMENT: Binance 51% Market-Share is Bad”

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  2. They have the reputation of being the biggest, people follow what they perceive to be the biggest/safest which kind turns into a snowball effect. They also have 0% fees on BTC and Ether, easy on and off ramp…i don’t know what we can do about it, they are just good and attractive to investors and that got them them that huge market share.

    Is it bad that they have such a large portion of the market? i don’t know, but theres a lot of competition and other exchanges are slowly gaining some market share.

  3. If any other company has a problem with Binances market share then they know what they need to do to take it away from them. Be better. That is how the free market works. There is a reason most people still choose Binance despite all the FUD and shady doings… It is because they still have the best product.

  4. >Due to Binance scale, they can lower trading prices and therefor forcing other exchanges to react.

    And when other exchanges are eliminated, they will dictate the rules of the game. This is called predatory pricing. This might be good if you own stock in the company, but not for crypto market in general.


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