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They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

Vn5socks.info 08-02-2023 | socks 5 & 4

Vn5socks.info: Quality Socks 5 & 4 Vn5socks.info is the leading provider of quality Socks 5 & 4 on the internet. Our aim is to provide customers with fresh, reliable and anonymous proxy solutions at the best possible prices. We pride ourselves on providing fast, secure and anonymous services that meet the demands of our customers. … Read more

Reddit User Discovers 7zip File Possibly Linked to Julian Assange Hidden in Bitcoin Blockchain

7zip File Possibly Connected to Julian Assange Discovered in Bitcoin Blockchain Reddit user u/j0E12 recently made a startling discovery while searching through the bitcoin blockchain. He stumbled upon an apparently overlooked 7zip file that could be linked to controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. What It Contains The 7zip file named “JA” is believed to contain … Read more

Vn5socks.info 08-02-2023 | socks 5 & 4

VN5socks.info – Socks 5 & 4 VN5socks.info offers a secure and reliable service that delivers only the finest quality Socks 5 and 4 proxy services. Our team of professionals know exactly how to provide our customers with the highest quality and most secure service that has been developed to provide the best of both worlds. … Read more

HODLing is a good strategy, mostly!

Why HODLing is Actually a Good Strategy HODLing, short for “holding on for dear life,” is a widely used investment strategy. It involves, quite literally, buying a cryptocurrency (usually Bitcoin) and keeping it for a long period of time, never selling it. Typically, the investor waits until the price of the cryptocurrency eventually goes up. … Read more

German bakery accepting Bitcoin over the Lightning network. Zero fees for processing the transaction. No dirty fiat money. Paying with the speed of light. Adoption is coming! Stack sats.

German Bakery accepting Bitcoin over the Lightning Network A small bakery in Germany has recently taken a leap forward into the future, by accepting Bitcoin payments over the Lightning network. Customers can now pay for their favourite confections with a few clicks and swipes, without having to worry about transaction fees or waiting for confirmation. … Read more

The cross-chain bridge I used to use got hacked

My Cross-chain Bridge Got Hacked! Cross-chain bridges are important components in the blockchain ecosystem, allowing different blockchains to “talk” to each other and trade or use funds across chains. Unfortunately, I recently discovered that my cross-chain bridge was hacked. What Happened? The hacker was able to breach the bridge and steal funds from my account. … Read more

SperaxUSD on Arbitrum was exploited, hacker managed to liquidate around ~300k before it was stopped. Then, on Feb 6th, he returned the fund. Exploit will be patched tomorrow and ops will resume.

SperaxUSD Exploit- Risk Averted, Funds Returned and Vulnerability Covered The decentralised finance community has been hit with a massive shock as an unknown hacker exploited SperaxUSD on theArbitrum platform, managing to liquidate funds worth around ~$300k before it was stopped. Despite the news of the money being taken, the hacker had the moral courage to … Read more