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11 thoughts on “FTX Fiasco Sparks Billions of {Dollars} of Outflows From Exchanges”

  1. Good. Exchanges should fulfill their names’ goal only: to exchange assets, not to be a storage account.

    The sooner the majority of the community realises this, the better.

  2. This is perfect because it is the opposite of what happened to the insolvent banks in 2008. Banks were simply bailed out (except a few).

    Cexs on the other way are going out of the game for good. This will clean all the bad apples and make defi adoption spread much quicker. It’s a purge what is happening. What’s happening is the financial crysis of cexs without bailouts. Which is healthy for the industry.

    I’m just really sorry for people who lost their money in this scams.


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