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FTX killed bitcoin

Ever since this SITUATION with the exchanges, everyone seems to be afraid of Bitcoin. We’ve got been saying for years, not your keys not your crypto. Do you guys really feel like bitcoin is untrustworthy?

33 thoughts on “FTX killed bitcoin”

  1. This is FUD. Bitcoin is not in the least sense “untrustworthy”. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. The scumbag fraudsters, con artists, and grifters who use Bitcoin to ruin the lives of every day people seeking out and investing in a more equitable and fair system, however, absolutely are.

  2. if someone can create a “backdoor” and lots of $$$ vanish and ftx excuse is “huh, idk”. Like he misplaced his car keys or something. Him playing dumb nobody is buying it. He said in a few days he would have another tweet. really $1-2 Billion is missing and he thinks 140 characters is enough to explain away $2,000,000,000.00 missing. So ya it’s real bad for bitcoin.

  3. FTX killed public perception of cyrpto in general. But a few important things first:

    * bitcoin is not crypto. Most bitcoiners IMO, would love to be disassociated from “crypto” entirely.
    * bitcoin has nothing to do with FTX
    * bitcoin doesn’t care about exchanges; not now or in the future
    * bitcoin doesn’t care about any CEO, executive, or any other person labeled as a ‘golden boy’
    * bitcoin continues to do bitcoin. tick tock, next block.
    * bitcoin will live through this, long after all of us in the forum have passed away

    Bitcoin is truth, because it relies on physics, math and real life energy. Designed this way on purpose.

    Humans are **UNtrustworthy**.

    Bitcoin is the only thing in humanity that is **TRUSTworthy**.

  4. > FTX killed bitcoin

    Bullshit. Bitcoin still works the same – just fine, thank you.

    > everyone is scared of Bitcoin.

    No. Not everyone. Don’t be stupid.

    Don’t trust exchanges. Don’t trust Wall St. Don’t trust the government.

    Bitcoin is one of the few things we *can* trust.

  5. How is bitcoin untrustworthy? Bitcoin is one of the most trust worthy pieces of money and finance out there. Exchanges, people and greed is untrustworthy.

  6. It’s definitely hurt the general public’s perception of bitcoin and it’s certainly a massive setback for mainstream adoption, but 1 BTC still equals 1 BTC and it isn’t going anywhere. Even if it takes 10+ years to get back to where we were, bitcoin is still the future for all the same reasons as it was before.

  7. omfg this was least existential threat to bitcoin. the blocksize wars and user activated soft fork cemented bitcoin’s existence and actually seriously jeopardized bitcoin’s future at the protocol level.

    ftx is just price action and degens unloading their bitcoin to pay for their stupidity. this has no effect on the bitcoin protocol. bitcoin will be fine and will grow as more maximalists are created from the the ashes of the crypto market.

  8. Bitcoin has continued to work perfectly fine. I just settled another transaction without issue.

    Bitcoin is by far the most trustworthy digital payment network in the world today.

  9. Bitcoin is here to give us certain privacy in our financial transactions from the surveillance machine and give us indivisual freedom and uncensorable borderless transactions.

    If people choose to give all this up and just use Bitcoin to keep it in exchanges where you don’t own it, is their problem, not Bitcoin’s.

    Bitcoin keeps beating every 10 minutes and doesn’t care.

  10. I still have hope in Bitcoin and have diamond hands. What’s not being talked about with the FTX crash is it’s link to the DNC, the WEF and Ukraine. Something is rotten and nobody is talking about it.

  11. BTC didn’t do this. A centralized exchange did this.

    BTC isn’t untrustworthy, centralized financial systems are untrustworthy.

    If only there was a way to combat this kind of untrustworthiness, if only there was a way you could just keep your own coins without having to trust a centralized system.

    … oh wait.

  12. While it may seem like btc got hit, it actually didn’t.

    Pacman is moving forward eating it all on the way. Crypto industry with all its greed has been gulped by BTC this time.
    Let the dust settle but keep stacking. It’s a wonderful opportunity right now.


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