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FTX victims

I ponder how many individuals listed below are victims and misplaced cash since I solely learn the dangerous information however don’t have a clou who is admittedly affected in what dimension. What cash had been hacks/stolen? Don’t these get locked out of the sport now? So much less BTC for the world?
gladly FTX wasn’t the trade for me however appears to had a very good status. I hope different exchanges don’t play this video games with their clients and what they purported to do.

4 thoughts on “FTX victims”

  1. This subreddit is likely not going to a good representative for the amount of people keeping their bitcoin on exchanges, due to its heavy emphasis on keeping your bitcoin off the exchange.


    >What coins were hacks/stolen? Don’t these get locked out of the game now? So less BTC for the world?

    Not sure why a hacked or stolen bitcoin be considered “lost”. Its not like the bitcoin is being sent to an inaccessible wallet with no private keys.


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