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Funds in ledger, however unconfirmed TX. I’m confused how that is doable.

Hello all.

Lastly taking a while to switch my funds to chilly storage, woo! However…I’ve bumped into a degree of confusion.

When transferring funds from Coinbase, my ledger reveals the worth has been obtained, nonetheless Blockstream Explorer has indicated this transaction is just not confirmed (as has the ledger tx particulars).

My questions:

Why are the funds exhibiting up within the ledger if tx unconfirmed? Are the funds settled if the tx hasn’t confirmed? Can they disappear if the tx fails?

Thanks a lot prematurely, I’ve been a very long time subscriber to this sub and that is my first publish.

5 thoughts on “Funds in ledger, however unconfirmed TX. I’m confused how that is doable.”

  1. Confirmed means it has had at least one confirmation meaning one block of transactions (TX) with it. When you send it, it goes into the mempool which your signing device recognizes , therefore it shows it. Although your bitcoin isn’t on your ledger to begin with its on the time chain always never on any device you use to access it.


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