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Get your BTC off the exchanges, just because: “In America, it isn’t against the law to be a awful or careless CEO with poor judgement.”

Get your BTC off the exchanges, just because: “In America, it isn’t against the law to be a awful or careless CEO with poor judgement.”

48 thoughts on “Get your BTC off the exchanges, just because: “In America, it isn’t against the law to be a awful or careless CEO with poor judgement.””

  1. tldr; Ex-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has claimed he was out of his depth, didn’t know what he was doing, and didn’t know what was happening at the businesses he founded. At least $8 billion in customer funds are missing, reportedly used to backstop billions in losses at Alameda Research, the hedge fund he also founded. Both of his companies are now bankrupt with billions of dollars worth of debt on the books.

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  2. If poor judgement were a crime we’d need to build a lot more prisons. But fraud *is* a crime, and SBF could be looking at several decades in prison given the amount of money involved and the number of people who were defrauded.

  3. Please. Guy founds a huge exchange and a decent sized hedge fund, this isn’t something people that are clueless do with their time.

    He is playing the system. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

    He is kicking their asses at their own shit. He should rot in a cell, likely never will, but he isn’t really the problem. I bet when the R team found out he got ran on they waited. And because he laid out huge bribes for the D they played ignorant, hoping mud slinging from Rs would make it possible to paint him as a victim. He had his own plans the whole time though…

    Now both sides know they missed their mark to crucify him in the media, he already played the “I’m just a dumbass” card, and are hoping the “Justice system” gets him. Claim ignorance. “I do not recall ever taking classes on how to be a CEO”

    “I do not recall what the process is for loaning money from myself to myself”

    “I do not recall if I carried the 8 in my billion dollar math problems, I did the math while pooping and scrolling twitch for LoL feeds”

    Fuckin guy is either RainMan broke bad, or truly the most super idiot we’ve seen in the last 50 years. Either way I really don’t think he will ever be burdened by any significant amount of responsibility for anything he has ever done or will do in the future, because he def has a future, and I fear it isn’t in a cell.

  4. Maybe you shouldn’t invest in business in Countries that are known for money laundering, scans, ponzies and shell corporations. That is why they can’t be incorporated in the US. So today’s debacles have nothing to do with the US if that is who you are speaking of w ‘America’.

  5. Well, thats a forgiving way to phrase that. I’d have gone with “Irresponsibly reckless drugged up negligent CEO with a never ending lack of judgement” .. but that’s just me.

  6. that’s not a crime anywhere. what is a crime, and what he did, is FRAUD. Say FRAUD. lazy is when you don’t exercise, or do the dishes.

    FRAUD purposely deceitful theft


  7. Giving everyone in my family $1000 worth on separate wallets for Xmas I don’t care what they think or do with it, if their smart they will listen and hold and buy more BTC will rise again!

  8. In Germany there is a well-known saying that stupidity does not protect you from punishment. This also applies to the law and I don’t think you would get away with ‘I didn’t know’.

  9. Lmao, is that what he is? This whole idea that since the crypto industry is so poorly regulated there’s just nothing we can do about him is fucking absurd. There are plenty of laws and regulations already in place that could be used to prosecute him. They just don’t want to. He fucked the whole industry in the ass and they secretly love him for it.


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