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Greenpeace’s Attempt to Criticize Bitcoin Through Art is a Comical Misstep


Greenpeace recently made headlines for their attempt to attack Bitcoin with a piece of art. The artwork, which was created by a Greenpeace artist, depicted a Bitcoin logo with a skull and crossbones in the center. The artwork was meant to be a warning about the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining.

Unfortunately, Greenpeace’s attempt to attack Bitcoin with art was a hilarious fail for multiple reasons. First, the artwork was widely mocked for its lack of creativity. The artwork was seen as a lazy attempt to criticize Bitcoin, and many people felt that Greenpeace could have done better.

Second, the artwork was seen as hypocritical. Greenpeace is an environmental organization that is supposed to be advocating for sustainability and renewable energy. However, the artwork seemed to suggest that Bitcoin was the only thing that was bad for the environment. This was seen as a double standard, as Greenpeace has been criticized for its own environmental impact in the past.

Finally, the artwork was seen as ineffective. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, and it is not controlled by any one organization or government. Therefore, attacking Bitcoin with art is not likely to have any real impact on the currency.

Overall, Greenpeace’s attempt to attack Bitcoin with art was a hilarious fail for multiple reasons. The artwork was seen as lazy, hypocritical, and ineffective. Greenpeace should have thought twice before attempting to criticize Bitcoin with art.

29 thoughts on “Greenpeace’s Attempt to Criticize Bitcoin Through Art is a Comical Misstep”

  1. It had the opposite effect

    Same with governments trying to kill crypto, it has the opposite effect

    Same with Russia trying to stop nations from join NATO, opposite effect (maybe bad example)

    You get it

  2. Dear Greenpeace: Heres something for you to think about that my 2 cells have provided. Bitcoin is not made from paper. You know Money, made from Paper. Wood, Trees. Get it? Maybe you should go for the Government…

  3. They have just become irritating. When I was young I thought their antics were so cool. Now I look at it as a bunch of virtual signalling bull shit money grubbing hypocritical clown world type shit.

  4. Most of this organizations are in fact Fifth Columns. They channel civil unrest (and money) to make nothing with it, just to ease people’s minds.

  5. In the 80s, 80% of energy came from fossil fuels. Today, 80% of energy comes from fossil fuels. Why hasn’t there been a reduction in their use? It’s because groups like Greenpeace have campaigned relentlessly against nuclear and hydro power.

  6. Skull of Satoshi artist admits he was wrong and learns about Bitcoin’s environmental potential. It has become now a symbol for Bitcoiners. The opposite of what it was planned. Keep calm, meme on, and long live the #SkullofSatoshi

    >”Of course, I was wrong. ”
    “The last two days have been spent in private conversations with both GP and pro-env bitcoiners like u/level39 u/thetrocro u/DSBatten. I’ve discovered a whole new world of initiatives that fill me with hope. ”
    it’s become a mascot for Bitcoin’s environmental potential – and I LOVE that.

    more info in the twitter thread:


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