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Grey/Gray/Silver Monenro XTC/MDMA/Ecstasy pills??? UK2UK

Ordered a bag of red/black ecstasy pills on A DNM from a vendor, they’ve been going about on various vendor’s stores, from pics they seemed like the batch that had trickled down from the BIG BAG. Had heard/read that the MDMA in them had been made from saffrole oil in the UK (rare these days I think), and a few of my friends that had had them said that they were the best pingers they had gotten since the Albert Heijns a good while back, not on the same level but better than what had been going about by far.

I know a press is easily replicated etc etc but thought the worst would be some replicas that weren’t as good, but still good enough to not risk negative reviews over, well what I got were definitely replica’s. Sold as 260mg (although I doubt it/ hope they’re not that strong).

They’re solid grey/silver bars (exactly the same colour as the Maserati press from AmsterdamUK about a year ago), very well pressed, solid, not crumbly, satisfying snap, passed 3 reagent tests.

Just haven’t seen or heard a single word about them, I’m good to shift them, based on the reagent tests, Just wondering if anyone on here had had any/heard of any going about?

Thanks. Sandy.

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