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7 thoughts on “{Hardware} pockets vs Software program pockets”

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  2. Hardware wallets are very specialized computers with a small “attack surface” that allow these advantages:

    1) more support focused on security patches and bug updates than most software wallets (besides full nodes like core)

    2) The ability to create private secure keys in a clean environment

    3) The ability to restore a seed backup in a clean environment

    4) Additional apps that take the place of yubikeys where you can use you HW wallet as a 2fa with FIDO U2F

    5) More secure Password managers

    6) the ability to tx and sign txs in a secure environment even if using insecure computers

    The most secure , “active” wallet would be a hardware wallet integrated with a full node .

    Popular ways to do this are –

    1) Umbrel



    2) Sparrow wallet



    3) https://specter.solutions/


    4) Electrum personal server


    If you just need long term storage and aren’t actively using a wallet than you do not need to buy a hardware wallet in many cases. You can make a secure cold storage wallet.

  3. Hardware wallets are considered to be more secure than software wallets because they store the user’s private keys on a physical device that is not connected to the internet. This makes it much harder for hackers to access the user’s private keys and steal their funds. In contrast, software wallets store the user’s private keys on a device that is connected to the internet, which makes them more vulnerable to hacking.

  4. Because they are much more secure. Hardware wallet is basically your own unpenetrable bank vault. Software wallets are like sheds locked with combination lock. Only thing you need to worry about with hardware wallet is to keep your seed words safe from anyone else and never put them in any other digital device. Just check always addresses from your device when doing transactions and you are safe even if your computer is full of viruses and trojans.

    Electrum is software wallet.

  5. A hardware wallet stores assets offline using a physical medium, while the software wallet has its storage on a computer. While most people prefer a software wallet because of its ease of usage and accessibility, other individuals prefer the hardware wallet because it’s harder to get hacked.


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