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Hardwired. Yay or Nay?

I do know the overall thought is when browsing the DW utilizing tails and tor it is best to hook up with an open community and not using a VPN as a result of that is how the tor community was designed. My query is that this, is it unhealthy opsec to surf/buy a couple of issues right here and there (not cartel portions however private portions that may be misinterpreted as purchased to distribute) utilizing a tough line, as in an ethernet cable related on to a modem.

5 thoughts on “Hardwired. Yay or Nay?”

  1. Probably okay if you use TAILS. The issue is not so much that Tor over ethernet itself is unsafe, but if your package does get popped and they seize your computer, they will be able to retrieve a lot of data from a Windows or Apple machine and that can be corroborated with your ISP records if you didn’t use a bridge.

    While an open or cracked WiFi can certainly increase your anonymity, connecting through a bridge on TAILS via a home network is still a strong option.

    Some might say a bridge is overkill, but this isn’t 2006 anymore. LE and intelligence agencies aren’t stupid — they are querying ISPs for Tor users and building maps of them. If you’re somewhere with a low density of Tor users, and they’re able to connect that usage to real life activity, you’ve basically forfeited much of your anonymity. Use a fucking bridge.

  2. The difference between an eternity cable and wireless connection?

    No difference in digital traffic.

    Physical But if you’re using ethernet, it might be in a place with a camera.

    Physical cable vs wifi connection = no contest.

  3. it’s recommended since you’re less vulnerable to some stuff

    can’t remember what or my brain’s making stuff up

    either way there are no downsides unless..you don’t have an RJ45 jack (aka ethernet port)


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