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Harvard Paper recommends central banks to purchase Bitcoin


13 thoughts on “Harvard Paper recommends central banks to purchase Bitcoin”

  1. It’s literally just central banks should buy gold.

    I really think central banks should buy gold rather than bitcoin because they can afford the security cost associated with gold and they don’t have the same transfer issues that an individual has with gold.

  2. It’s game theory. At some point the risk of not buying bitcoin and be left out will be just too high compared to the relatively low price to buy bitcoin (at the moment, any half decent central bank could easily buy a huge position with a few millions, peanuts for any central bank). Even if bitcoin has an really small chance of becoming an alternative to gold, it would be too risky to be left out. So you need to buy bitcoin. Game theory.

    Until no central bank buys it officially, the risk is till outweighed by the cost (of being considered a dumb central banker by the mainstream media). The first central bank that does it will trigger a chain reaction and everybody will be forced to buy it.

  3. > We hear a lot about crypto and sanctions evasion, but from the perspective of central bank reserves, you find that gold is a more useful hedge. Why?

    >Because it’s so much less volatile. It’s like five times less volatile.

    It also only has 1/30th the market cap of gold. How much less volatile will it be once it has the same market cap as gold? How bout when it has 5-10x the market cap of gold?

  4. This reminds me of the book Intellectuals and Society. A quote from Nassim Taleb also comes to mind. “Academia is to knowledge as what prostitution is to love close enough on the surface but, to the non sucker not exactly the same thing”

  5. All smart people buys bitcoin.

    If the central banks were run by smart people, the central banks would be hoarding bitcoins.

    “Mathematics is the language of the Universe. Bitcoin is universal money.”


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